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Lewisham Warm Welcomes: Visit? Volunteer?

This year with the cost of living rising and energy bills becoming unmanageable for many people in our Lewisham Community and across the country, several organisations have come forward to open their doors to provide a Warm Welcome to those who need to spend some hours in a warm, welcoming and safe space. Churches, libraries, leisure centres, community centres of all sizes are opening their doors to support.

Lewisham Local is working with partners to map and promote the Warm Spaces and provide additional wrap-around support. Partners include Lewisham Council, Age UK Lewisham & Southwark and Citizens Advice Lewisham.

See the Lewisham Local website for details of each space - more are joining all the time. These will be open for winter until the end of March. Some are offering free food, activities and/or signposting, all will offer a warm space to relax and hot drinks. Many are opening in early January so more information will be added in the new year when we know more about what activities are being offered.

Spread the word! If you know someone who might be feeling lonely this season, or struggling with the cost of living crisis, make sure they know what the Borough has to offer. We'll be distributing flyers this week - look out for them in your local library and other warm welcome spaces.

If you're interested in volunteering at one of these warm welcomes, some are in need of extra volunteers.

Be a Warm Welcomes host this winter and make a difference to your community!

We need YOU, to help welcoming people, have a friendly chat, support the organisers setting up, making tea and many more things. Warm Welcomes Spaces all have different opening times and a different offer, we will connect you to one of the providers and they will then liaise with you directly.

We will prioritise people with an existing DBS. Please email to express an interest in volunteering.*

*A number of the centres are still in the process of setting up and we currently don’t know how many volunteers will be needed, but want to be prepared.

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