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Who We Are

Good Food Lewisham is a network of passionate people working together to change the world of food in the London Borough of Lewisham. Our vision is to see our home become a diverse and lively community that connects people to healthy, sustainable and affordable food that is grown, produced and prepared locally to promote a vibrant food culture and prospering local economy.  


GFL was founded in 2016 as part of the Sustainable Food Cities project to help Lewisham become an official Good Food Borough in London by achieving a Bronze Award. Funded by Sustainable Food Cities and GCDA, GFL is meant to be a cross-sector community partnership that promotes the great work of everyone throughout the borough. The network should serve as as a hub of information and a point of contact for anyone interested in food - whether an individual, business, school organisation or community group. Food has been widely recognised on a global scale as playing a pivotal role in broad-reaching issues such as diet-related ill health, obesity, waste, social isolation and even climate change. By working together through a joined-up approach, we can begin to tackle these challenges locally and help create a more sustainable, healthy and equitable Lewisham.


Anyone can join the network! 

Just sign the Charter and commit to at least one good food pledge. 

Already doing amazing things in the world of food?

Tell us about it! Your work will help Lewisham win Bronze and we can help you promote it across the network.

Our Pledges to You

  1. Improve affordability and accessibility of good food to improve health and wellbeing and reduce food poverty in the borough

  2. Endorse fair wages and working conditions to create a safe and equitable food economy

  3. Provide opportunities to share knowledge and skills of how to grow, buy, cook and eat good food

  4. Foster a strong, thriving local economy by sourcing as locally as possible and supporting new food enterprises and jobs

  5. Bring people together to celebrate our strong and vibrant food cultures

  6. Embed good food ideals within organisations, businesses and families

  7. Promote environmental sustainability by reducing waste, packaging, water and energy use and increasing composting and recycling

  8. Support local and national good food campaigns

  9. Provide space for food growing projects to link people with their food systems

  10. Support practices that preserve and enhance the environment and promote high animal welfare

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