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Grow, cook, sell, serve, EAT and save more vegetables.

Ready to get involved now?


Sign up on the Veg Cities website, select the Lewisham Campaign and choose which actions you'd like to take to help our community eat more veg! 


What is it?

Veg Cities is a national campaign headed by Sustain, in partnership with the Peas Please Initiative. 

  • Goal: grow, cook, sell, serve and save more vegetables. 

Veg Power is a Peas Please Initiative marketing campaign funded by The Food Foundation, Nourish Scotland, Food Cardiff and the WWF that is working in conjunction with Veg Cities. 

  • Goal: get people to eat more veg. 

Still want to know more?

Check out the Veg Cities FAQ page >

Check out the Veg Power page >

Contact GFL for direct support >


Why should I join?

The Challenge:​

  • According to Lewisham Council,  22% of Lewisham children in reception are overweight or obese, and this number rises to 39% by year six.

  • In adults, the overweight and obese rate is 58%. 

  • In 2016, only 44% of Lewisham adults met the recommended 5-a-day for fruit and vegetable intake, which is lower than the national average. 

Using these two initiatives as a platform, we can help

  1. reduce excess weight, 

  2. advocate for healthier diets, 

  3. improve awareness of the issue and even

  4. increase access to fresh fruit and veg across the borough.


These campaigns are also an opportunity to showcase your work on social media (potentially on a national scale!) and help our residents have fun with food!

Why Join?

How big is the commitment?

As large or small as you want it to be! You choose which pledges you're comfortable with and design your own action plan for achieving it. Whether you're a small business just starting out, a community group with no resources, an individual just looking to give back or a large catering company, there are pledges designed for you. 


Actions can include work you're already doing as well! Just make sure you record what you're doing.


Some pledge ideas for:

What It Takes
Sign Up

How do I sign up?

Sign up online in just a few quick minutes!

  1. Go to the Veg Cities website >

  2. Select your sector and enter your contact information

  3. Select "Lewisham" as your campaign

  4. Choose your pledges!

  5. Let us know what you're doing >

  6. Share updates on social media and tag @GFLewisham

> we'll re-post!​

Pencil and notepad
Thanks for your work to make Lewisham a healthier borough!
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