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All well at The Larder

Staff safety, service and hygiene all important

Good Food Lewisham interviews small business owner Cynthia from The Larder Deli in Ladywell about how things are going since Lockdown.

The thing I’ve noticed is that everyone is so helpful and kind! For example, Ollie’s a vegan and when we were low on veg, he was getting a bit desperate for some mushrooms. He mentioned it to a customer and, within half an hour, she’d returned with a box of them! We’ve concentrated on keeping staff safe and well – myself and Ollie are customer-facing every day; our part-timers, Milda and Ella, work at the back end making sure we are stocked up and the shop is super-clean. If a regular doesn’t come in for a few days, I’ll check in on them on my way home if I know their address. People are also letting us know if they are not well - if they don’t feel well enough to come in, we leave things on their doorstep! For vulnerable and self-isolating people, we’ll figure something out. I put a blackboard outside the shop saying what we’ve got in each day to minimise people coming into the shop and I post a stock list on Twitter and Instagram each day. We are continuing to take cash too. We appreciate that not everyone is able to use a card and they may just want a croissant. Hygiene is really important to us, so we wash our hands, and sanitize all surfaces frequently, in line with Public Health England guidelines. We have gloves if people want us to use them. 

The Larder Deli – opening hours  

9.30am-6pm Tue-Fri, 10am-4pm Sat/Sun

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