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World Refill Day 2023

The average London adult buys more than three plastic water bottles every week - a startling 175 bottles every year per person. In total, some 7.7 billion plastic bottles are bought across the UK each year, resulting in substantial amounts of single-use plastic waste.

What can we do to turn the tide on Plastic?

Leading by example Homestead Cafe in Beckenham Park have put into place an impressive reusable scheme. Helping to combat coffee cup waste, plastic from the bar and cardboard from their pizzas. Lewin the joint owner spoke about changing behaviours and getting to the root of the waste problem, and reusables are the answer. An initial investment with help from the Lord Mayors fund enabled them to change their waste problem. Helping to reduce carbon, less waste. less packaging, less lorries. " We needed to to invest in the reusable cups and the fast dishwashers, plus reliance on our customers to engage and bring back the cups to make the scheme a success. So far all is looking good".

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