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Soup Kitchen Christmas Day 12pm

Catford UCKG (1 Bromley Road Catford SE6 2TS ) will hold a Christmas Dinner for anyone who would like to join them on Christmas Day – with donations from local supermarkets, toys from Argos and red box food donations.

For further information, please contact Kim Powell, Community Outreach Manager on

+44 20 7686 6049 or 07958 563 460 or on email at

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You should not be promoting UCKG Catford Soup Kitchen because UCKG are a dangerous religious cult preying on vulnerable adults to brainwash them into paying 10% of their income, which they call tithe.

By promoting UCKG you are increasing the number of vulnerable adults they can target. UCKG use free food as bait to brainwash vulnerable adults at their soup kitchens / food banks in Catford, Peckham, Finsbury Park, Kilburn, Plaistow, Croydon and Leeds to pay 10% of their benefits, forcing them into debt.

UCKG have brainwashed 12 million members around the world to pay UCKG 10% of their income, so that founder Edir Macedo and leaders can live in extreme luxury, while members get into debt to…

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