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Understanding and Creating a Social Enterprise

10 weeks starting Tuesday 2nd February, 10 – 1, online

This essential, FREE, course is for anyone wanting to set up a social enterprise, but isn’t sure where to start. Run by GCDA’s CEO, Claire Pritchard, this interactive and informative course will cover all the essential elements of setting up a social enterprise and delve into how to identify a market, do market research, legal definitions and so much more. By the end of the course you’re be able to:

  • Describe your ideas and describe the practical tools for understanding the market

  • Identify the existence of a market

  • Identify the range of activities to complete market research successfully

  • Identify the resources and commitment needed to set up a social enterprise

  • Understand the legal structures applicable to social enterprises and the relation to the law

  • Understand and apply financial information for estimating start-up costs, breakeven point and develop a cashflow forecast

  • Create a business plan and know how to use it as an internal and external tool

For more information please contact or visit our website to book or call 0208 2694894

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