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Food Growing in Lewisham Schools

St Winifred's School Garden

We had a successful quarterly network meeting on 15th June looking at food growing in schools and projects working with young people and food more generally.

St Winifred's School kindly hosted us and showed us around their amazing garden (see photos).

This is an exciting emerging area of work in the borough with lots of projects happening. The meeting connected people up to find out about each other's work and we'll stay in touch to share resources, funding opportunities, to see how we can work together etc.

Please see the minutes of the meeting below which explains why we chose this topic, outlines lots of local projects, people's ideas for what they'd like to see in the borough and resources.

GFL Network Minutes Children Young People Food Growing 15 June 2023
Download PDF • 360KB

The main way we're staying touch on this topic is via our food growing WhatsApp group - please get in touch if you'd like to be added.

Resources on Young People and Food Growing / Food Issues

This always needs updating – let us know if it needs updating. Do you want us to add your school garden?

2. School Food Matters - - awarded garden grants to six Lewisham schools in 2021 and work closely with 12 schools at the moment. I don’t know which these are.

4. Chefs in Schools -

7. End Child Poverty -

Please feel free to circulate more resources or information about your project via the WhatsApp group or via email to us.

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