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Sourdough September: Meet Ed the Baker

Sourdough September celebrates genuine sourdough and the people that make it which is why Good Food Lewisham went to visit Ed Baker, a new artisan bakery situated between Hither Green and Ladywell.

Ed is a sourdough purist. The authentic process of strictly using Flour + Water + Salt + Time is what makes his bread of a premium quality. The bread is baked on site on daily basis.

Ed's passion for artisan food isn't limited to bread. The baker also produces a range of heritage quiches and pies and a range of heritage and high-end patisserie.

Driven by the love and passion Eddy has for good food, recipes are influenced by the richness and diversity of the East Mediterranean and European cuisines.

As of October 2019, Eddy decided to make it his mission to promote good food and make it available to the London community that he belongs to.

The name Ed Baker represent the nickname that Eddy is known for and the craft of baking that he decided to pursue.

Ed Baker was founded with the promise to always; Provide healthy choices, deliver authentic flavours, and use real, organic ingredients. We’re happy that he is part of Good Food Lewisham, and also offers a discount to Lewisham Local Card holders.

If you’d like to know more about #SourdoughSeptember and how to get involved, visit Sourdough September For All | Sustain (

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