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Carry on Baking!

It’s been a shock – but now things are picking up

Micro baker Sara bakes from home and used to sell at three markets over weekends. Since the coronavirus outbreak, almost all the markets shut over one weekend. I asked how she’s adapted to this sudden change.

“It has been a shock. Before this, my business had really taken off. I felt like I was suddenly back to zero. Then I thought, I’ve got my van, it’s branded and if I put something out on social media, I could send them a payment link. When you use iZettle, there are two options – firstly, a contactless device but also you can send a payment link - you just put in their mobile phone number and then they can pay you. Now I deliver and I feel that things are going pretty well!”

Contact Sara at Nyborg's Kitchen to place your order for cinnamon buns or chocolate banana cake. Orders delivered in the area local to Brockley Market.



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