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Pepys Social Supermarket

A stellar story of health and heart

Good Food Lewisham sat down with Stella, the Community Store Development Worker on the Pepys Estate who's been working since November 2019 to set up the Pepys Social Supermarket. How have things been going?

“Our supermarket is for members only (they refer themselves via Lewisham Homes) and there is a weekly membership fee – but then you can choose quite a lot of food - probably ten times more than if you went to a normal supermarket! So it’s a very good deal. The food has been donated by FareShare, from other food projects, community groups and by members of the public too.

My focus has been to look at ways to raise funds, recruit volunteers, raise awareness and put together the volunteer’s induction. (She shows me the induction packs and they are beautiful!) I have some lovely emails and texts from members and the comments we get are very humbling - things like: “I’ve been living here for 22 years and this is the first time I’ve come in – I'd heard it’s very friendly.” We have five wheelchair users and we always have a chat and a laugh with them whilst assisting with shopping. We always ask the shoppers, what are you interested in? We want to respond to what the members ask for. The service is very much for them. On our first week, we served 20 households and by week four, we served nearly 80 including almost 40 deliveries to the most vulnerable.”

Opening hours for members: Fridays 3-6pm (Currently by appointment only, due to Covid 19 Pandemic)

Membership applications forms can be picked up on a Thursday and Friday from: 2000 Community Action Centre, 199-201 Grove Street, Deptford SE8 3PG or you can go online to apply at:

For those isolating, deliveries can be arranged.

Follow on Twitter @PepysSocial

Facebook: Pepys Social Supermarket

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